...opening pathways to academic enrichment and enabling possibilities for the future.


We are on hold in response to COVID-19. We are here to answer any questions you may have and look forward to working with your classes again as soon as it is safe to do so. Please email us at NextGenImmersions@gmail.com to discuss options available.


…opening pathways to academic enrichment and enabling possibilities for the future.


Keystone workshops strive to motivate students to investigate new ideas by connecting classroom instruction to real world situations. Through unique full day workshops and seminars taught by career professionals and subject matter experts, students from multiple school districts in grades 5 through 12 work collaboratively while engaging in high energy, hands-on activities. These unique workshops expose students to curricula that broaden the regular school day experience. Keystone also supports elementary teachers through professional development workshops designed to familiarize teachers with the NYS Science Learning Standards and the 5E learning model. Workshops include a multidisciplinary approach to developing STEAM lessons.


Grade 5: All day programs in Math, Science, Writing, Engineering, Technology


Grades 6 – 9: Science, Engineering, Technology, Math, Humanities, Explore STEAM Day


Grades 10 – 12: Foreign Language, Model UN, Journalism, Art and Science


Science and Literacy for Elementary Teachers

The KEYSTONE programs are an initiative of NextGen Immersions, LLC.