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Keystone Engage

Grades 10 – 12

Workshops for high school students run as full day programs in which students from 3 or more school districts work together in teams on one topic. In order for students to gain full benefit of the experience, workshops may require preliminary work to be completed before attending. All classes are aligned with Common Core and New York State Science Learning Standards and incorporate high-energy hands-on involvement. Cooperation and teamwork are emphasized.



#NextGen Journalism: New Tools for the Next Generation of Journalists

This unique civic education program provides Capital District students with the opportunity to learn from the most renowned journalists and legal professionals in the region. Objectives include:

  1. providing Capital Region students with the opportunity to learn from the most renowned journalists and legal professionals in the region;
  2. improving students’ media literacy and the understanding of the role of citizenship in society;
  3. improving students’ critical thinking skills and Common Core-focused persuasive writing skills;
  4. fostering greater excitement about reading and evaluating the news, participating in school news publications, and pursuing careers in journalism amongst students;
  5. building capacity for students to be educated, engaged and effective citizens.

Scholastic Journalism 101

Students will engage in a variety of lessons and presentations that will increase understanding of student media and the law, ethical decision making, and the verification process and student journalism using social media. Participants will gain a knowledge of the boundaries of their First Amendment rights and a greater understanding of the responsibilities that accompany those rights. This course is targeted toward high school and college newspaper clubs/programs.


French Language and Culture Immersion Program

Opportunities to have quality learning experiences in foreign languages are few yet essential and uniquely enriching. The goal of this program is not only to provide opportunities for full immersive activities but also to expose students to the sound of authentic French as all mentors are native French speakers and come whenever possible from different Francophone areas. Currently, we are three native speakers from France and one from Togo. The program is designed for advanced students of French (French 4 and 5) since only French will be spoken from the time students get off their bus until they leave at the end of the day. Student conversation with instructors and peers is integral and requires participation and cooperation. Such interactive activities could be overwhelming for lower level students. For many students, this is a unique opportunity to apply what they have learned in class to the activities of the day, activities that may include the language of travel, cooking class, word games and role playing. The noon meal will consist of a typical French menu and will be served and partially prepared by the students themselves.

Spanish Language and Culture Immersion Program

In this day’s activities students will improve their Spanish language fluency and understanding of the Latin culture through dance, songs, games and storytelling. From arrival to dismissal, students will be engaged in conversation with the instructors and each other as they rotate through classes with central themes, each requiring they speak, read and write in Spanish. A relaxing noon meal includes a menu of common foods found throughout the Latin world. This program is designed for students with an advanced and/or high level of Spanish III.


Historic Scenarios – Model United Nations

Students experience history firsthand in this immersive Model UN workshop. Representing historical countries, kingdoms and tribes delegates discuss issues including rising tensions before World War II, slavery, the rights of indigenous people, the Black Death and the Great Depression. Without the distraction of competition it is a great introduction to Model UN and a safe environment for students to become more comfortable with public speaking and collaborating with new people as they work together to solve complex problems.


Illustrating Nature 

Science textbooks without art? How can that be? Nature is all around us but for many, learning about the life cycles of plants or the fur of an animal is done through books with illustrations. In this workshop students will be nature illustrators. Under the guidance of professional and amateur artists, students will train their eyes to observe the fine details in the natural world and  tips for documenting detail on paper. Weather permitting, students will walk through the wooded surroundings for ideas and models and, in the studio, will use freshly picked plant samples, preserved specimens and living animals as drawing models. 


“I learned that making mistakes is just as important as not making mistakes.”

5th Grade Student
Abram Lansing Elem. School

“I loved watching today’s lessons.  Modeling the lessons was very helpful and valuable for me as a teacher…the lessons were engaging in all subject areas (math, science, ELA).”

Greenville Elem. School

“This conference does a phenomenal job preparing students for post-high school life.  Students are learning and practicing public speaking, critical thinking skills and taking a stance on key historical issues.  Their experience is unlike any other they will have in this realm.”

Fort Plain Jr./Sr. High School

“(Model United Nations) taught me more about how to formulate questions better and how to form better arguments.”

11th Grade Student
Greenville High School

“(In future writing) I will think about my story and really describe the characters I write about.”

5th Grade Student
Lake Ave. Elementary School

“Thank you Keystone for the awesome science day!”

5th Grade Student
Abram Lansing Elem. School

“I definitely felt more comfortable because I was in an environment where, if I made a mistake, it was not a big deal.  The teachers corrected my French and moved on. Through the teachers giving us mini-lessons mixed in with the activities, I was able to pick up on the grammar tricks that I had been unaware of.”

11th Grade student
Bolton Central School

“The exposure to native speakers (is most valuable).  I’m a gringa.  This gives students an idea of the mental energy needed to comprehend.  My own Spanish got some practice too.”  

Spanish Teacher
Schodack Central School

“The opportunity to speak French all day and to experience French speakers who come from la francophonic is invaluable.  Just wonderful.  This particular workshop is unique in that it introduces students to accents and cultures through la francophone in addition to France and Canada.”

French Teacher
Bolton Central School

“Some students spoke French very well and it was fun to be able to chat with them and learn interesting things about them.”

10th Grade student
Bolton Central School

“I learned that you really need to be specific with your details and that it will help you write more interesting stories.”

5th Grade Student
Forts Ferry Elem. School

I liked learning about the Underground Railroad. It was like you were there when it was happening.

7th Grade Student

I learned a lot about history and got to work with people I didn’t know.

7th Grade Student

I learned how to measure the height of things with a protractor and meter stick.

7th Grade Student

We heard stories from reporters and film makers who put themselves into situations dealing with current events.

9th Grade Student
Columbia High School

It has let me identify fake news an understand stories based on who they benefit.

9th Grade Student
Columbia High School

It was a fun way to write. It was risk free so it took the stress off. As a result, kids could enjoy the writing process rather than have it feel like work.